Resume is designed for letter-sized printing and online publication, and is styled around my studio branding. Colors are based on digital matches (PMS, CMYK, & RGB) to the markers I use for sketchnoting and hand-rendered visualizations. To learn more about my brand, visit this Behance gallery to see the brand elements, meanings, and creative process behind the development.

"Graphic Visualization" is a term I created to describe combining illustration and design to represent textual information in a memorable visual manner via infographics, presentation and social media graphics, and sketchnotes.

Terms like "raw", "draw" and "idea" are vital to graphic visualization, even if my Long Island accent makes them sound funny!

I love maps, and wanted to used them to tell the story of my career path and evolution.

Drawing is explaining, and tells a far more dynamic story than static bullet point lists. Graphic Visualization encourages content and information to be looked at, talked about, internalized, and acted upon through our own unique filters..

I don't want my resume to be read; I want it to be looked at, thought about, and to act as a bridge between the content and the people involved with its very purpose.

Why punk rock? Because punk's raw, visceral expression is why we're still listening to The Clash 40 years later, while forgetting last year's studio-polished pop song. Information and communication should be the same way; visceral, impactful, and memorable. Reading isn't enough; we need to use the sense of looking to truly become engaged and involved with data and information. Songs like "London Calling", "The Guns of Brixton", and "Train in Vain" still scratch at our surfaces, permeate our senses, and remain in our heads today as much as they did in 1977. Your organization's vital messages may not be the same as Joe Strummer's lyrics, but they do need to live far beyond meetings and presentations, resonating to the point of attention and action. Mere text on Word Docs and bullet points on PPT slides aren't enough. Like punk's three chords and raw vocals, the doodles, sketches, and drawings of graphic visualization grab our attention, and engage us to act!

Thanks for viewing; let's do a project together. Visit the About page to learn more about me and my work, and visit the Contact page to get in touch.
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