Custom icons created for the visualizations, based on the Internet Society's branding guidelines, including their color palette, fonts, and developing illustration style. Care was taken to round corners to a 0.25" radius whenever possible, and proportionally numerical increments when not possible. Incidentally, this was my first time ever drawing a cat.

Each visualization began with a loose sketch from the client. My task was to reconfigure the layout to fit the allotted space within the paper's layout, while still keeping the directional flow and elements of the original sketch.

Emphasis was placed on the rounded 0.25" corners or the boxes and arrows as a way of complementing the design of the Internet Society's new logo. Care was taken to apply the rounded corners, while still maintaining the flow of the chart, and the clean, even, consistent spacing of the elements to ensure an easy-to-follow, visually-engaging, cognitively resonant chart.

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