Illustrations of iconic Chicago buildings, including typographic and color options, for the American College of Cardiology's Annual Meeting Save The Date card.
Basic figure icons I created to use for various visualization and presentation projects for the American College of Cardiology.
Icons developed for various projects at the American College of Cardiology (ACC). The icon on the left represents the Man-helping-Man statue standing in the courtyard of the ACC's Heart House building, which was developed for thier Community Service Day marketing program.
Icons developed for various visualization and presentation projects for American College of Cardiology.
Illustrations for an infographic about sugar. These particular illustrations represent the increase in sugar consumption from the late 1800s, through the 1970s, and up to today.
Icons for an infographic about salt and salt consumption. Generic marketing blurbs about salt ("Extra Reduced Low Sodium!") were placed into the light blue flashes on the food packaging.
Illustrated icons for the Urban Institute's report on local community issues affecting the schools and students in a Washington, DC neighborhood.

Illustrated isometric structures created for various NASCAR racetrack maps.

Illustrated isometric structures and icons for the Raymond James NFL SuperBowl stadium and campus maps.

Illustrated isometric structures, elements, and wayfinding icons for the Taste of Chicago Festival interactive map.
Illustrated icons for the Map Network's early experimenting with online 3D event mapping.
Thanks for viewing. To see more icons, illustrations, and visualizations, please visit my vector gallery on Behance.
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