Inspired by trips to Harper's Ferry, VA and Denver, CO.
Inspired by aerial footage of mountain stages at the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France.
Inspired by footage of Mt. Saint Michael on stage 1 of the 2016 Tour de France.

My first Moleskine drawing, done as an homage to Matthias Adolfsson, whom inspired me to buy a Moleskine, and draw lively little detailed buildings.

Playing with black and red felt-tipped pens.
Inspired by breweries and some local architecture.
Whenever I hear the term "design chops".

Left: I had nothing to draw, so I just drew the first two spark of inspiration that hit me, which were the image of a Fez hat in a travel book about Morocco, and a TV commercial for a mummy movie.

Right: drawing inspired by a homeless lady I saw outside of Nationals Ballpark in Washington, DC. I focused on her blank statuesque gaze, monotone clothing, and how the bags she was carrying were akin to her only house and home.

Drawing inspired by fan reactions at a Super Bowl party, and the want to do a drawing with a green, yellow, blue, and brown palette. Ami better be serving us his kosher Chinese food at this party next year!

Inspired by my kids saying things like "you'll work out, and get muscles so big that they'll reach to the sky!"
Drawing on an issue in the news (left); listening to British street punk bands (right).
Drawing emotions.
I love WWE pro wrestling and 4-color BiC ballpoint pens. Wrestler on the right is inspired by a song from The Ramones.
I love WWE pro wrestling and 4-color BiC ballpoint pens.
Sketchbook Warrior (left); inspired by a big fat guy with a big fat lunch standing next to me in the elevator (right).
Spent too much time looking at computer screens.
DC Drink and Draw session; the theme of the evening was "when hipster zombies attack".

Me: what should I draw? Brian: draw a rabid caterpillar. Me: OK!

Inspired by my son saying "you'll need to put on so many blankets that they'll touch the ceiling" as I was putting him to sleep on a cold evening (left); don't even remember why I did the drawing on the right.
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